iCRA - Building Trust

iCRA - Building Trust

Building trust as a foundation for succcess.

iCRA is dedicated to improving the livelihoods of farmers and their communities. We do this by making research, education, innovation and agribusiness work; meaning we help bridge gaps, develop trust & mutual understanding and bring different worlds and actors together - to find solutions that benefit all. 

How do we do this?

iCRA builds trust. We believe that when people working within the value chain (producers, transporters, traders..) and those who support the value chain (researchers, universities, service providers..) understand each other and work together - common goals and solutions from the source can be defined. 

Solutions from the source are found when different actors connect and understand each others’ challenges and realities - all the way to farm level. Solutions from the source are solutions that are carried and owned by all actors. This creates a solid foundation for successful interventions. 

To create mutual understanding and trust,  iCRA supports individuals, businesses, service providers and knowledge organisations in the Global South and beyond - with advisory services,  on-the-job coaching and training programmes. 

Our Services

Organisational Strengthening - Connecting people, knowledge and ideas

iCRA supports education, research and business advisory agencies to better serve their clients by:       

  • Designing and co-creating entrepreneurial, market-driven curricula and research programmes
  • Developing capacities of staff to become adaptive leaders and innovative facilitators
  • Supporting staff to work across disciplinary and organisational bounderies and engage public and private sectors 
  • Assist organisations and institutes in preparing the next generation of highly skilled graduates for the agriculture sector and boost youth employment

Agribusiness Coaching - Building trust in value chains

iCRA assists agribusinesses to improve the performance of small scale farmer supply chains by: 

  • Catalysing innovation processes towards solving business issues
  • Building resilient business relationships
  • Developing inter-personal competencies

Professional Courses - Building skills, changing outlooks

iCRA offers open entry courses for professionals to develop the knowledge, skills and mindset necessary to work across disciplinary and organisational bounderies and engage public and private sectors by:

  • Facilitating personal growth and leadership skills
  • Helping participants gain insights on aspects of interactive learning, agribusiness, research and rural innovation
  • Developing and implementing online learning options; allowing participants to continue the iCRA journey when they go back home

iCRA is managed by an Executive Board and supervised by a Supervisory Board. An Advisory Board is in place to support iCRA. iCRA has offices in Wageningen, the Netherlands and Montpellier, France, and staff based across Europe and Africa. Additionally, we work with a broad array of professional associates in many of our partner countries who share our vision and ways of working.

iCRA is a member of the Agrinatura, AgriProFocus and PIE (Platform of International Education) networks.


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