Richard Hawkins

Richard Hawkins

This agricultural scientist has been with iCRA for almost 30(!!!!) years and he knows pretty much everything about who we worked with, on what and where. This is not just due to the vast amount of time he has spent with the organization though.

Richard is truly an expert on research and education for rural development - and if anything is new, he has already read it, worked with it, lived it.

You want to test a hypothesis? Check out a new methodology? Call Richard.

Besides being a vivid reader, he has also lived and implemented a lot of his work while being abroad. Did you know he was an iCRA representative in Mexico in the late nineties?

Not only does Richard excel in project management and the designing and implementation of agriculture & education programmes and methodologies, he has also developed a strong passion for innovation processes and interactive learning. You might have come across some of his numerous papers, conference presentations or learning materials.

Check out his blogpost “6 ways to better skill African youth for the Agri sector”

Being conscious in his work definitely also translates to his private life. This British agri-expert with almost 40 years of experience (!) has no car in his garage and has embraced the Dutch cycling lifestyle to the fullest!

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