Frans Debets

Frans Debets

Frans is our Interim Managing Director. But whether he likes it or not - he is already part of the iCRA family.

Frans came to us in a time when we were changing directions and in need of an experienced change manager to guide us through the process. We were introduced to KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators), PIF’s (Project Information Forms) and the PGL (Product Group Leaders).

All kidding aside, we were introduced to a lot more than fancy acronyms!

In a time where many organizations find themselves running in different directions to find means to exist, Frans made us focus on what we are good at; individually and as an organization.

Not a fan of lengthy discussions and unnecessary meetings, he helped us make much needed decisions, own them and succeed. It is thanks to Frans that we go back to our core and become a more client-focused organization and service provider.

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Advisor to the Executive Board
+31 (0) 6 51097936

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