Agribusiness Coaching

Agribusiness Coaching

Agribusiness coaching to improve the performance of smallholder supply chains.

The benefits of Agribusiness Coaching

iCRA supports the development of strong & efficient value chains. By focussing on professional & trustful business relationships and improved negotiation & contracting, we work towards sustainable win-win situations that last. Our agribusiness coaching services result in improved operational efficiency for the value chain as a whole, through lower transaction costs and interest rates; reduced side-selling and post-harvest losses and higher productivity, volumes sold and quality of produce.

“I (like to) source from small-scale farmers, but need support to secure a consistent supply of high quality raw materials”

With iCRA as your strategic partner, you have the full advantage of our 35+ years of expertise in capacity strengthening and coaching. As a pioneer in applying participatory and experiential learning approaches in the agribusiness sector, iCRA can help you optimize supply chains in emerging markets.

The way we work

iCRA works through local, trusted agribusiness coaches to broker linkages between value chain actors: farmers, input suppliers, transport services, credit services, traders, local processors and larger final off-takers. Coaches support these actors to address jointly identified business constraints in the chain. 

Coaches are mentored by national iCRA trainers and come together at regular intervals to acquire new skills and reflect on the challenges faced by chain actors. Through our agribusiness coaching curriculum and unique learning cycles approach, iCRA trainers and coaches support local agribusiness networks to transform themselves into efficient, sustainable and profitable agribusiness partnerships. 

It would be iCRA's privilege to step into your supply chain – together.

How you benefit

Agribusiness coaching 

With the help of iCRA's trainers and local coaches, you and your business counterparts step into your supply chain. Through a joint learning process - supported by our agribusiness coaching curriculum - we tackle the most pressing constraints and assist you in building sustainable partnerships with your suppliers. This results in a steady flow of the quality and quantity you need as an agribusiness to run on full capacity and grow sustainably. 

Value chain insights & coaching design 

iCRA collects value chain intelligence, designs coaching plans, and validates intervention strategies. This leads to improved supply chain performance and allows you, as an agribusiness, to answer to the needs of your market and grow your business.

Tailor-made training & course 

Wish to be acquainted in more depth with iCRA’s agribusiness coaching methods and service delivery model?
iCRA offers organizations tailor-made trainings and an agribusiness course for individuals.

This knowledge will allow for you to scale your efforts to connect, collaborate and negotiate throughout the value chain. You can train others as you grow and ensure your business is looking at a profitable and sustainable future. 

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